It doesn’t matter how long ago it was – everybody remembers the time they got their first professional headshot taken. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, career-person, or somewhere in between, seeing yourself captured in such a high-quality fashion an exciting part of existing in the professional world.

However, headshots have a shelf-life. Updating the image that carries the weight of your first impression is something that needs to be considered every few years, and is one of the easiest ways you can keep your business or professional life invigorated.

So how do you know when it is time to update your headshot? Here’s a few signs that it may be time to get your shine and essence back in front of the camera! 

Your image is over three years old.

Common advice is that your headshot should be updated every couple of years so that it reflects the most current version of yourself and your professional journey. If your headshot is over three years old, it’s definitely time for some renewal. Not only will you appreciate the update, but your clients, customers, and/or contacts will definitely take notice when you switch up your visual representation of yourself. Furthermore, photographic styles change over time, so you want to make sure that your headshot is reflecting modern visual trends.



You don’t take pride in your image.

Lots of people think that they’re not photogenic – and lots of people are wrong! If you are working with an image of yourself that doesn’t bring you joy or confidence every time you look at it, then you need a new image! Not only is your headshot a representation of yourself that you’ll be seeing every day, it is a snapshot of the type of confidence and energy you want to radiate to the people you meet. If you don’t feel like the image you are currently using communicates your passion and essence, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see and feel the personal assurance that comes along with having an image you LOVE.



Your personal image or look has changed.

New haircut? New style? New vibe? New headshot! You’re the canvas, and a great headshot is the way you show off the art! Its beautiful to see people change and grow over time, and updating your headshot is a great way to embrace and celebrate the changes that you’ve made in your life and style. More than that, you want to make sure that people recognize you when they see your image.



You’re rebranding.

Even if your personal style or look hasn’t changed, a new headshot is needed whenever you are thinking of updating or rebranding either your professional brand or your personal brand. Rebranding is an opportunity to refresh your work, direction, and energy. This transformation isn’t complete until you have the imagery and visual representations of yourself to complete the change or transition.



You’re changing jobs, careers, or industries.

Even if you aren’t working on developing or changing your own brand, an updated headshot is extremely important whenever you are switching jobs, careers, or industries. As Donna Santos points out, your headshot may have been circulated in your previous company via their marketing or promotional materials. While you obviously want to draw on your experience and contacts, a fresh headshot sends the message that you are ready to move forward in your professional adventure. Furthermore, if your headshot was taken according to standards or guidelines put forward by your company, changing jobs is the perfect opportunity to finally get an image that reflects the essence of you as an individual.



You’re feeling stuck.

Maybe you’re not making any major changes in your professional life at the moment. That doesn’t mean an updated image won’t be worthwhile! If you’re feeling stagnant in your career or business relationships, the feeling of refreshment and renewal which comes with a new image can get you back on the path of creativity, innovation, and passion! Think of it as treating yourself!