Those couple of moments right before the camera flashes can be stressful. Unless you’ve been blessed with feeling completely at home in front of the lens, being instructed to “smile!” can fill your insides with not only butterflies, but with what can feel like an entire zoo.

When it comes to helping you feel your best, we pride ourselves on the techniques we use to ensure you feel relaxed, confident, and excited about your session. While prework and preparation certainly set the stage for success, oftentimes, it is the thoughts that you fill your mind with right before a shot that can really bring out your shine.

Below are seven of our favorite things to tell yourself before you smile for a photograph.



Sometimes, all we need is a simple reminder from ourselves to take a breath and relax. This will ensure that your body, posture, and stance appear natural and at ease in your images.


How often do we get the opportunity to be the star of the show? Your session is all about you. Enjoy yourself and use the time to play, experiment, and learn.


Picking your own location ensures that when it comes time for your session, you are in an environment or space that you love. If you’re feeling nervous, take a minute to look around you and remember why you choose this location to serve as the backdrop for your images.


Of course you do! The fear of “not looking good enough” is one of the biggest anxieties people experience when it comes to having their photo taken. Take the pressure of and realize that you look perfect.


Keep the end goal in mind! Staying excited about the images you will end up with takes the pressure out of the moment, allowing you to focus on enjoying your session as it happens.


Whatever you do during your session will be perfect because YOU are the one that’s doing it. You are a unique individual, which means you’re going to come away with a unique final product.


Remember why you’re at your session in the first place! We’re capturing the essence of you and the essence of your business. Keeping your pride in your work at the front of your mind will do wonders to bring out your shine.