I sometimes ask clients with whom I have an especially good relationship why they chose me to be their photographer. Many of them mention that they checked out my portfolio and liked my work, read good reviews, or received a recommendation from a friend. Countless times, however, I have had a client tell me that they chose me to be their photographer simply because, when they checked out my website and bio, they liked the “vibe” that they picked up.

If we know anything about branding, it’s that good design and quality content obviously contribute to this. However, in the end, when someone is deciding whether or not to hire you as an individual, they pick up your vibe when they actually see a physical image of you. This is the importance of a branded headshot – it sends a message to potential customers that tells them why you are their best possible choice.

A branded headshot communicates everything about your brand – your values, your beliefs, and your “vibe” – and showcases it through the most important part of your business – you! When an image of yourself generates positive feelings in the people that you will hopefully be working with, that is good personal branding.

But how exactly do you “brand” an image? After all, you’re a person, not a website to be designed, business card to be printed, or logo to be perfected. Nevertheless, as an entrepreneur, you and your visage are the most powerful tools you have to display what makes your business, services, or products special.

When we brand a professional headshot, we are taking the essence of your brand and displaying it through every aspect of the portrait. Everything from your personal style to the positioning of your body to the background communicates something important to your customers. We take all of this into account and make sure no detail is overlooked.

Now, we understand that getting all of these things correct is important to sending the correct message to your customers. We also know that this level of perfection is a daunting task. That’s why we’re here to help!

On February 27th, during the second part of our exclusive event, First Impressions for the FEMpreneur, we’ll guide you through every step to capturing a perfectly branded headshot.

Melissa Cyrus with Modern Twists will take you through a personalized styling session designed specifically for entrepreneurs. Lindsey Nutter, professional hair and makeup artist, will upgrade and perfect your look to ensure that whatever feel you are trying to capture – be it professional, casual, energetic, or eccentric – comes through perfectly through your very essence. And when it’s time for your actual photo session, Master Photographer Tricia Turpenoff will ensure that everything from your posing to the lighting to the background of your portrait perfectly align with your brand’s values and aesthetic.

In the end, you are left with an image of yourself that perfectly captures who you, your brand, and your business are at the core. Use it in your social media, in your marketing campaigns and materials, and on your website to ensure that your customers get a clear picture of exactly what makes you the best choice for them.

As an entrepreneur, you are the face of your brand. Let the experts help you ensure that you’re putting your best face forward.

Still haven’t registered for the event? Head on over to https://turpenoff.com/first-impressions/ to select your experience package and reserve your spot today!