What differentiates all of us? I’ve been chewing on this for quite a while. What makes each business owner, different? I’ve been guilty of lumping people into groups. Someone says they’re in social media and we think social media is social media, right? Wrong! It’s just like photography, some of us specialize in branding, others specialize in babies or weddings. We are all different. Even if two photographers specialize in branding they’re still going to be totally different! Every human is unique! The question I keep coming back to is, what differentiates people?

One yellow umbrella in a bunch of black umbrellas

When I connect with another business owner I like to find out what’s their story? What makes their story unique? If you are like me, I don’t promote somebody because they’re a good insurance agent. I promote them because their backstory is powerfully theirs, it is compelling. It’s the person’s passion behind their business that hooks me! My clients comment that my photography captures their essence. They can see their backstory authentically come to life!

I brand entrepreneurs for a living, why do I do this? Because I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life. I know entrepreneurs. I love entrepreneurs. I have a passion for them! I’ve been blessed to be in this industry for over 25 years now! How does that impact my clients and differentiate me? I have systems in place from start to finish, it makes everything run seamlessly, as smooth as silk for my clients! They are always aware of the “next steps” because I educate them prior to their session. I have built a strong plan and created a strategy that puts my clients at ease throughout the whole process.

I will forever be a 7-year-old girl who is full of wonder. People amaze me! They happily surprise me! I look forward to my meetings because I never know what magic is going to take place within this process. It is like Christmas and I await with anticipation of what unfolds, waiting to be captured in each project.

Black and white apples with one red apple in the middle

Let me give you something to ponder the next time you meet with a fellow entrepreneur. Take a little extra time to find out what makes them unique as a human, what differentiates them from anyone else. No one professional is right for everyone, as much as my little girl heart wants to believe that. The adult in me understands it’s not possible. Dig deep into the entrepreneurs that you talk to you, you never know when you’re going to find a jewel in someone you thought was just another business owner or professional.

Remember, entrepreneurs specialize because that specialty is what they are best at, it is their area of expertise. When someone says to me, “I am going to have my friend photograph me for my brand, they photograph babies.” I immediately think, Awesome, do you want me to refer you to my plumber to fix your car? LOL

I have a calling, a compelling desire to bring entrepreneurs brands to the forefront. As a gift, I have attached my Pre-Work for Branding. Go through it, see where you are with your brand. I would love to give you a complimentary conversation about your brand! Self-awareness is critical to growing your business, let me remind you of your magnificence and see how we can help you “focus”, like I focus on YOU!