The holidays are meant to bring family together. People fly over seas to see relatives they haven’t seen in awhile, and others return home after being deployed or going to college. Sometimes there’s a new addition to the family that everyone needs to welcome in! It’s important to capture these beautiful homecoming moments so you can look back on them fondly and share them with your close friends and family. A professional photographer can do that for you.

What better gift than introducing your newborn to the family? The holidays are a perfect time to catch up and to have everyone meet the little one! Snap a picture of grandpa holding back tears while holding the baby for the first time. Take the opportunity to dress up your baby in adorable holiday decorations and use your beautifully decorated house as the background.

The holidays are some of the few opportunities our troops get to come home to spend time with their families. Kids see their parents for the first time in months or sometimes for the first time ever. Couples reunite and parents breathe a small sigh of relief to know their child is home safe for now. These are the powerful moments you will remember forever, and that you will want to have something to look at and take with you to think of that moment. A simple picture can mean and say so much.

Once your kids get older, they will start to bring home a “special someone” of their own. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you need an extra seat at the dinner table for your new in laws! This time of year is perfect for retaking group portraits to include the new members in your family. Make them feel welcome by including them on the wall with everyone else.