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Dotti Whitt and Kristen Zimmerman

Planning a wedding is undeniably stressful, especially with a hover-parent.

While it’s nice to have the help of parents during the planning process, it can often make things feel more overwhelming.

You love your parents; let’s keep it that way.

Here are six tips on how to prevent parents from taking over your big day.

1. Starting on the same page can prevent future disputes – #communication

Discuss with your future spouse three non-negotiable items you each must have included in the big day.  Then allow each set of parents to identify their must haves.  Share those with each other to see if there are conflicts and negotiate necessary compromises before beginning the planning.

2. Be your own advocate – #powerinnumbers

Brides and grooms need to be their own best advocate…and each other’s.  Planning a wedding is a perfect time to address challenges as a unit.  Speak up and hold your ground when possible.  This is your wedding.

3. You want what? – #outofthebox

The new wedding trends and themes can prove extremely exciting for parents who were married in a time where mason jars weren’t centerpieces.  The parents need to be patient and open-minded about these ideas that may seem “out of the box.”  They won’t seem as bad when they get rave reviews from the wedding guests.

4.  What’s mine is NOT yours – #weddingwisdom

For those couples that are blessed enough to have parents financially contributing to their big day, there is often a great sense of obligation.  While it is important to appreciate the help, accepting financial support for your wedding does not negate your choice in things.

Parents need to remember that it may be their budget, but not their wedding.

5.  Compromise, the building block of a healthy marriage – #cooperation

Always remember there is compromise in everything.  More often than not there is a choice that appeases everyone…including YOU!

6.  Hire a wedding coordinator – #weddingplanners

Wedding planners are undoubtedly your best advocate and ally.  They will bring their conflict resolution skills with them from start to finish.  Whether it is fielding questions from the mother-in-law, or ensuring the selections made are executed, they will be on your side.

Planning a wedding with family doesn’t have to be stressful; in fact, it can be fun.  Communicate what is most important to you and your future spouse, and make clear that while help is appreciated, this day is about the two of you committing your lives to one another in the way you envisioned.

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