Heading into a branding photo shoot can be intimidating. It can be difficult to determine how you are going to visually express the values and message of your brand. But, as registered Coach Vanessa Baron states, professionally branded images are a way to bolster the credibility of your brand. Demanding and exhibiting professionalism in your business’s representation sends a message and promise to your customers about what they can expect your brand to deliver.

So, how do you go about walking into your session confident and excited about portraying your brand? We suggest heading HERE to read all of the great advice Vanessa has. Here are three of our favorites among her words of wisdom:


Think about what locations and styles will resonate with the market you are targeting.

The backdrop of your images and your personal style should reflect the feel of your brand and what makes you unique. But, keep in mind what sorts of aesthetics will appeal to your ideal customers, and your images will be that much more impactful.


Make sure you vibe with your photographer.

Everybody is nervous when they get in front of the camera. Working with a photographer that makes you feel comfortable will reduce many of those nerves. Make sure you work with someone who vibes with you, understands your vision, and is as excited about your brand as you are.


Celebrate the session.

Vanessa says to think of your branding photo shoot as “a way to celebrate your success and the strong, confident business woman you are.” And that’s really all a branding session is! We’re highlighting and capturing the essence of what makes you and your business worthwhile! Stay excited about the opportunity to show off your brand, and your images will shine.


Check out Vanessa’s full article HERE!