In an experiment in creativity, Canon selected six professional photographers, provided them all with the same three objects, and told them to get shooting. The one rule? Though all of the photographers were given the same items – a flower in a pot, a banana, and an egg and spoon – none of them were allowed to shoot the same photo. What resulted is an interesting insight into the minds of those who find their piece behind the lens. Through their own unique eye for composition, each photographer produced images strikingly different from their peers.


Experiments like the one Canon produced show why investing in a professional photographer to capture your family’s treasured memories is a decision well worth making. Professional photographers have years of schooling and experience under their belts. In that time, they’ve honed their skills, developed their style, and learned exactly how to capture what makes your family special in a way that is totally unique. The result? Your investment in a professional results in images that make a statement about your family, your values, and the love that you share.

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