The holidays are here! Gather with your friends and family for hot chocolate, fuzzy blankets, and home cooked meals. This time of year is also the prime opportunity to capture classic family portraits that you’ve wanted for so long. Apart from the fact that they make the perfect Christmas present, here are our top five other reasons why the holiday season is the best time to book your family photo session.

1. The gang is all together
Life is busy. Between work, school, travel, and day-to-day responsibilities, it’s difficult to find a time when everybody in your family can get together in the same place at the same time. The holiday season is when relatives come in from out of state and kids are on break from school. Take advantage of having the whole family together!


2. Everyone is in the holiday spirit
There’s something magical about the way some of life’s stress seems to dissolve a little bit once the calendar reads December. There’s also something magical about the way the group atmosphere tends to shine through photos. Taking photos around Christmastime ensures that the joy and closeness that your family experiences while being together will reveal itself once you receive your images.


3. Christmas photos provide the opportunity to use props
What other chance than Christmastime do you have to take pictures with ugly sweaters and snow? We know from personal experience that there’s nothing cuter than babies in sleighs and kids on dad-dressed-like-Santa’s lap.


4. Snow makes the best backdrop
Out of all of the seasons, wintertime provides one of the most magical backgrounds for your photos. Whether the snow is falling at the time of your shoot or has just freshly frosted the ground, a winter flurry provides a unique photo opportunity.

5. Make family photos a holiday tradition
Maybe your family already has a myriad of holiday traditions. Maybe you’re looking to start some or just establish a few new ones. Either way, we know that photography and the experience of taking family pictures has a way of bringing people together. You’ll be able to look back at each portrait years later and see how everyone has grown!