When we go to networking events, we meet a lot of purpose-driven entrepreneurs. When we start talking to them about photographic branding, most of them respond something like this: “Oh, I’ve been meaning to get branded images!”

Everybody knows that having quality images that show off you, your business, and your brand will ultimately lead to more profit. We know that it is important to build brand recognition by exposing our customers to our branded image as often as possible. And yet, many professionals and entrepreneurs tend to put off actually scheduling a branding session.

Throughout our 25 years of experience, these are the top three reasons clients gave for why they hesitated on capturing their brand.


A smartwatch

They felt they couldn’t find the time.

For a busy professional considering scheduling their branding session, the process of capturing quality images can seem very time-consuming. Attending the consultation, picking out an outfit, driving to the location, taking the pictures…how can you fit it all into your schedule?

One reason we hold a consultation session with our clients is so that the rest of the process goes more smoothly for them. We help make those decisions about wardrobe and location easy. Our clients report that they actually have so much fun at their session, the time seems to fly by.

Your business and your brand are worth investing in. A few hours invested in acquiring high-quality images will result in more successful marketing, more customers, more recognition, and ultimately, more profit.



A blonde woman hiding her face

They were afraid of the lens.

Many of our clients report that one reason they put off scheduling their session is that they were nervous. For them, being the center of attention for an entire hour seemed intimidating and exhausting.

However, after their sessions, most people say that, even if they felt a little nervous at first, they actually enjoyed every minute of being photographed. Think of your session as a chance to demonstrate all of the best things about your brand or business, and we promise you’ll end up enjoying yourself.


A pile of grey question marks with one red question mark on top

They didn’t think they needed to.

Some people don’t immediately buy into the idea that establishing a personal or business brand is all that important. However, it is widely known that having a recognizable brand is an important step in the path to success. Deciding to add professionally branded images to your marketing plan helps your customers understand who you are, what you offer, and why they should choose you.