“I started receiving brochures for senior portraits for my daughter the summer before her junior year, a year earlier than expected. I would glance at them and then into the trash they would go…except for one. When I opened Tricia’s brochure, I was moved. These photos were unlike any of the others I had seen. These were so natural and seemed to really capture each individual for who they truly were.

I kept that brochure for a year and when the time came to schedule Amber’s senior pictures, I called Tricia. After the three of us met, we knew we needed to look no further for a photographer. Tricia talked with Amber about her interests and gave her many options on locations for her photos. Amber chose a location we would have never thought of and it was perfect for her.

A few years later when it was my son James’ time for portraits, we once again called Tricia. His were equally wonderful and totally “him”. I never hesitate to recommend Tricia to anyone looking for a photographer, no matter the event or portrait they need. She is the best!”