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3 Horror Stories That Show Why Hiring a Professional Is Your Best Bet

When it comes to capturing your memories, be it from a wedding, a family gathering, or your current professional identity, you…

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5 Tips For Great Wedding Photos

August 11, 2016 Photography

You’ve planned your wedding for a long time now. But have you ever thought of the day after? Long after your…

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Why Uncle Joe Can Ruin Your Wedding Photography

August 4, 2016 Photography

Are you newly engaged? Are you tying to cut costs where you can? Chances are you’ve already looked through a variety…

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Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

July 21, 2016 Uncategorized

Welcome to Colorado. Where else can you plan the perfect wedding outdoors and almost guarantee you’ll have one of the best…

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Is Photojournalism The Right Choice For Your Wedding?

July 7, 2016 Photography

Every wedding photographer you look at probably has a different way of describing what they do. Contemporary – Environmental – Lifestyle…

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A Love Story That Stood The Test of Time

June 30, 2016 Photography

A couple years ago a company I owned called The Wedding Connection Inc had the pleasure of providing a lucky couple…

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