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Are You an Influencer?

We’ve all heard of influencers – online personalities that have massive followings, hundreds of posts, and partnerships with sponsors. We’re here…

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Everything You Need to Know About Event Photography

Holding events for your clients is a foolproof way to engage them and get them excited about your brand. Not only…

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How Do You ‘Brand’ a Headshot?

What is the difference between a headshot and a branded headshot? Simply put, a high-quality headshot builds recognition by putting a…

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Why a New Headshot May Be the Refresher You Need

As a photographer, I try to recognize the beauty in all images. And even though it can sometimes be hard, that…

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Overcoming Fear to Elevate Your Brand

April 17, 2019 Photography

Fear is a primal feeling – shaky hands, pumping heart, racing thoughts. When you are in charge of your own brand…

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Want to bring in 23% more profits? Here’s what you can do this week.

There are some clear actions you can take THIS WEEK in order to start increasing your company or brand’s profits. Linda…

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