Human intelligence has long been defined and measured by what is known as IQ – the intelligence quotient. Our concept of intelligence is abstract, meaning that it is often difficult to quantify. IQ was developed to help give us a way to understand the scope of an individual’s intelligence. While this method of measurement has been a useful tool in many different situations, many make the compelling argument that it is unfair to reduce something as complex, abstract, and personal as intellect to one solitary score.

Luckily, recent research has suggested that there is more to understanding and quantifying our intelligence than can be revealed solely be a series of standardized intelligence tests and formulas. Emotional intelligence – EQ – is now being said to be as important or more important than traditional measures of IQ. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and identify the emotions of oneself and others, control one’s own emotions, and use this knowledge to influence situations and behavior.

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It’s not difficult to see why, as a small business owner, having strong and developed emotional intelligence is key to building and maintaining relationships with partners, employees, and, of course, customers. In fact, some research is suggesting that one’s EQ score is one of the strongest indicators of the potential for success.

Some people are naturally born with the gift of high emotional intelligence. They have no problem acknowledging their own emotions and correctly identifying the emotions of others. They have control over which emotions they display and how they display them, and they are able to use this control to manage their interactions and relationships with others.

For others, emotional intelligence doesn’t come as easily. The good news is, EQ is much easier to increase than IQ. With the right knowledge, tools, and practice, anyone can hone their emotional skills. Writing for Forbes, Elena Lyn Gross interviews Rachel ten Brink, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Scentbird and Deck of Scarlet, to learn how purpose-driven women can bolster their emotional intelligence to better serve their entrepreneurial goals.


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