Most entrepreneurs treasure the flexibility, freedom, and influence they have from running their own business. Deciding your own hours, building your own plan, and seeing your hard work come to fruition is beyond rewarding.

However, crafting your own schedule and being your own boss aren’t the only aspects of being an entrepreneur. As most of us know, it also comes with its own unique set of demands and obstacles – keeping yourself on a schedule and motivated, separating your personal and business finances, being responsible and liable for the company, and managing employees, licenses, and everything else that keeps your venture running.

In the face of these challenges, it’s necessary to have long-term goals that keep you motivated and passionate. Writing for Chron, Osmond Vitez says there’s three long-term goals you can focus on when it comes to getting excited about the future of your brand and business:

  1. Increasing your own personal wealth.
  2. Expanding your company.
  3. Taking your company public.
  4. Leaving a legacy.

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What are the long-term dreams and goals you have that help keep you stay passionate every day?