Why is it that we choose the beginning of a new year to make resolutions and promises about how we will improve or change ourselves? In the end, January 1st really is just like any other day.

However, there is scientific evidence behind the idea that when we choose to begin something on a significant “start” date (a holiday, a birthday, or even the beginning of a new week), it makes it easier for us to stay motivated in completing our goals.


January 1st circled in red on a calendar


This is called “the fresh start effect.” Basically, when we start pursuing a new and novel goal (such as recreating our personal or professional brand), we want to start with the best mindset and self-perception possible. In order to do that, our brain wants to separate itself from cognitive baggage such as past failures and mistakes. The beginning of a new week or, in this case, a new year, gives your mind a solid time marker that helps you feel like you are stepping onto a new path or getting a fresh start by separating “past you” from “new you.”

Like all worthy resolutions, creating, redesigning, or refining your brand is something that will take commitment. We all know that brand recognition and customer loyalty is something that occurs in a professional slow cooker.


According to this research, for anyone dedicated to recreating themselves or their brand in 2018, the most critical time to start is upon us now! That’s why we’ve scheduled our event, First Impressions for the FEMpreneur, at the beginning of the year on February 13th and 27th so that we can help you get that head start during the time you will feel most motivated!

Interested in learning more or signing up? Pop on over to https://turpenoff.com/first-impressions/ for more information and to register today!