Seven days before THE day, and the countdown begins. When the week before the wedding hits, many couples find themselves stressed at the idea of everything that still must be done: arriving guests, final confirmations, delivery arrangements . . . the list goes on. We have found that, by categorizing these obvious (and not-so-obvious) tasks into three categories – plan, prepare, and pamper – the final stretch to your big day can seem a little less daunting.

PLAN: Flowers chosen? Yes. Matching centerpieces? Absolutely. Perfect dress? But of course! You have put a lot of time, energy, and money into planning your wedding. The week before the big day is when it is time to focus and finalize your plans.

  • Distribute the “final draft” of your wedding timeline. Get yourself familiar with the order in which things will progress. Be sure to put in some “buffer time” in case some events take a bit longer than expected. You are going to want to get a copy of this timeline to all of your vendors so they know what to expect.

  • Drop off any items your venue may need. These can include any decorations the venue will be setting up, any dishware you are providing, or photos you would like displayed. Create a list of everything you leave with the venue, and be sure to let them know what all you need returned once the wedding is over so that they can be sure to keep track of these items.

  • Enjoy your rehearsal dinner. The best time for the rehearsal dinner is a couple nights before the wedding, not the night before. You are going to want a night to relax and enjoy yourself before your wedding, and though they can be fun, rehearsal dinners don’t necessarily lend themselves to this.

  • Create a diagram of your ceremony. You will feel way more at ease once you know, even if it is only roughly, where everyone will be sitting. If you are not using a definitive seating chart, at least draw out where the members of your wedding party will be standing, and who will be escorting who.

  • Find your “person”. Even if you have a wedding coordinator, it is a good idea to have either a friend or family member who is extremely familiar with your wedding plans. They can help keep you organized, on track, and relaxed on your big day.

  • If you haven’t already, and you are feeling a little stressed, hiring a wedding coordinator can help things go smoothly. Even if you’ve already planned your whole wedding, a coordinator can help ensure your wedding flows in just the way you imagined. They become the person that all questions and problems are brought to, leaving you to enjoy the rush of the day.

  • Get your vendor payments in order. After the wedding, the last thing you are going to want to be worrying is organizing the money to pay your vendors. Get together any payments and gratuities and put them in envelopes to be distributed the day of the wedding. The delivery of the payments is a task that could very easily be completed by someone other than yourself.


PREPARE: You’ve got the event ready. Now it is time to get yourself ready.

  • Make sure your dress (and your bridesmaids’ dresses) are all ready to wear. It never hurts to try on your gown one more time just to make sure that everything is perfect. If you’ve had alterations, you want to confirm that the dress fits how you want it to. Be sure to remove all dresses from their garment bags so that they have time to air out and settle.

  • Get used to wearing your wedding shoes. Breaking in the shoes beforehand can help prevent blisters on the day of your wedding. Or, at least, you’ll know whether or not you’ll have to apply a bandaid or moleskin to ensure comfortable wear. Walking in the shoes before your wedding can also help you perfect your gait before you are walking down the aisle.

  • Now is the time to eat balanced meals. Everybody wants to feel great in their gown on their wedding day. However, now is not the time to try any sort of fasting to drop a couple more pounds or slim down just a little more. Rather, you should be eating healthy, balanced meals the week before your wedding to keep up your strength and energy.

  • Drink TONS of water. Proper hydration is will help with everything from boosting your energy levels to achieving a glowing complexion. A good rule of thumb is to aim for at least an ounce of water for every pound you weigh.

  • Get the right amount of sleep. With so much to get done, how can you be expected to get to bed by a decent hour the week before your wedding? However you have to plan out your days, be sure that your sleep schedule this week is consistent and that you are getting the proper number of hours of rest each night. Studies show that people who get less than seven hours of sleep have a harder time focusing and maintaining a good mood.


PAMPER: Remember that this week is supposed to be fun. Plan for some time to enjoy yourself.

  • Hang out with guests that came in from out of town. The day of the wedding most likely won’t allow for extended amounts of time to be spent with family and friends who are visiting from far away places. Schedule some time during the week to hang out with some of these people, even if it is only grabbing coffee or a quick lunch. This will also help you stay relaxed and enjoy the days leading up to the wedding.

  • Indulge in a spa day, or find some other way to pamper yourself. You need some time to decompress, relax, and enjoy yourself. Visit a spa by yourself or with some of the people closest to you. Want something a little more active? Try a relaxing yoga class, or go for a hike. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you use the time to focus on yourself.

  • Have dinner with your fiance the night before the wedding. Everything is planned. Everything is ready. Use the night before your wedding to spend with the person you love. It is a great chance to look back on all you have done, and to look forward to all you will do together.

What wedding week tips do you have? Let us know below in the comments!

Tips based on advice from Bridal Guide.