Your personal brand is what will convince your customers that they are working with an actual person. It’s the tool you must utilize to show the humanity and character behind the rest of your marketing and introduce your customers to the face behind your business.

Kate Boogaard, writing for The Everygirl, outlines five important steps for building a personal brand: understanding yourself, marketing yourself, offering distinct value, networking, and reinventing. We would say that the final step in her plan – reinventing – is one of the most important things you can do to be sure that your personal brand is successfully communicating the value of your business to your customers.


Brands shouldn’t be stagnant. They must constantly be reevaluated, reworked, and refreshed. The point of personal branding images is to show you, your brand, and your business, as they are right now. They should highlight how your services and products are useful to people in today’s world, and how you are moving forward into tomorrow’s world. And, like, all aspects of marketing, these images must be redesigned and updated as the world and your business changes and evolves.

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