Welcome to Colorado. Where else can you plan the perfect wedding outdoors and almost guarantee you’ll have one of the best times of your life?

Sure we get rain … one in a while. The odds are in your favor it will be a nice day for you to enjoy all of what Colorado has to offer. And with gorgeous weather, blue skies from horizon to horizon, we definitely have the perfect places for you to celebrate your love for one another.

But is an outdoor wedding right for you? Here are some pros and cons that should be weighed and considered prior to choosing an outdoor venue for your big day.

Pros of an Outdoor Wedding

1. Outdoor weddings can be a cost effective alternative to higher priced indoor venues. In some cases, outdoor venues may have no charge at all. These venues can include parks, beaches and campsite areas. And in Colorado, campsite areas can provide stunning views!
2. Outdoor wedding venues offer the option to have a larger guest list and accommodate visiting family or friends that may not have been able to attend in smaller venues.
3. Having an outdoor wedding offers amazing photo opportunities that would normally not be available or would be too costly to include in the wedding budget.

Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

• You have to love the outdoors to make an outdoor wedding. Preserving the wedding dress and the wedding parties’ attire can sometimes be difficult in outdoor weddings. Mud, dirt, grass stains and other environmental factors can cause damage to the dresses or attire that may show in pictures.
• Seating arrangements can be difficult to maintain in outdoor wedding venues. Yes, you can bring in chairs and benches, especially for elderly attendees. But uneven grounds and uncomfortable seating options may make the wedding difficult for guests to enjoy, especially if you opt for a long wedding ceremony.
• Climate is uncontrollable. You may schedule an outdoor wedding anticipating sunshine and nice weather only to arrive on the big day and have it storming or snowing. It is Colorado after all. Always have an option for the “just in case” scenarios.
• Outdoor weddings may require a backup plan that can add a significant amount of money to the wedding budget. You may book something you’ll never use.

All wedding venues have their pros and cons. If your heart is set on an outdoor wedding venue, then be sure to do your research. Make sure you understand the pros and cons for the specific outdoor site. Include backup plans and special funds for seating options and snags that may arise due to the wedding being held outdoors. If you are properly prepared for anything that may arise, then your wedding can be held anytime, anywhere and your perfect day will happen.