‘A Printed Photograph is a Memory Preserved’

img_0568As a child, I have vivid memories of my mother sitting at the kitchen table, sifting through piles of old photographs. She would sort them, arrange them into albums, and admirably flip through the pages for hours at a time. She would call me into the kitchen to share a laugh about her choice of outfit as a teenager, tell stories about her long-lost loved ones, and reminisce about when the kids were younger. It was fascinating how a single family photograph could trigger so much   emotion – so many memories for my mother.

img_0567In my adult life I completely understand the intrigue. Seeing a family photograph from when I was a child reminds me of the sights, sounds, and feelings that I was experiencing in that exact moment. Each snapshot tells a comforting story about my family, who I was, and where I fit within the larger group. Time passes by incredibly fast and a family photograph captures a specific moment in time; a lapsed moment that cannot be re-lived. The harsh reality is that we will not be around forever. It may be 50 years from now, 20 years from now, or tomorrow, but we will not always be able to create new memories. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to document those special family moments – no matter how candid – to forever preserve those memories.

img_0569As a Certified Master Photographer, I have been fortunate enough to assist families in documenting their lives for over 23 years. I understand the importance and value of quality family photographs. I believe that every family is unique in their own way, and I strive to highlight those distinctive qualities. Let my passion, attention to detail and client-centric approach help you capture those timeless memories which will provide comfort to your family for generations to come, because remember – ‘A Printed Photograph is a Memory Preserved.’