The father/daughter dance is a special tradition allowing the bride and her dad a few minutes to spend with each other a midst the craziness of the wedding day. For him, it is a chance to admire the young woman who has always been his “little girl”. For her, the dance offers the opportunity to focus on the man, other than her new husband, who has influenced her life the most. This being said, many brides feel a decent amount of pressure about finding the “perfect” song to accompany these special moments.  Whatever song you decide on, it will forever hold a special place in your heart as a marker of a warm and important memory. Here is some of our best advice and song suggestions for that special dance.
Tips for Picking the Perfect Song:
  • Think of songs that hold special meaning to you and your father. Is there a certain memory that you both cherish that was accompanied by a particular tune? How about a song, artist, or band that you both love?
  • Consider the speed of the song. Realize that some tempos can be difficult to dance to, and choose accordingly.
  • Some brides find that they like to involve their father in the song decision process. Others like the song to be a surprise on the day of the wedding. You could also consider letting your father choose the song himself so that you are surprised on the wedding day.
  • Are you a fan of cheese or cliche? If not, keep this in mind when making your choice. Some songs, while cute, have the potential to come off as overly sappy.
  • Make a playlist with all of your top choices. Listen to it while doing chores or working. You may find that a certain song or two begins to stand out to you.
  • Make note of the length of the song you choose. Too short and you may yourself feeling like you didn’t have enough time to cherish the moment. Too long and you, your dad, and your guests could begin to get bored or antsy. If you find a great song that is just a bit too long, find a good place to have it fade out.
  • Find a song you love, minus that one creepy verse? No worries. Oftentimes, your DJ can edit it out.
Song Suggestions
“Somewhere Over the Raibow/What a Wonderful World” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
 “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle

“Daughters” by John Mayer