While digging through storage in order to drag out holiday decorations, I happened to one again come across a box of old family photographs. While I may have thumbed through them before, seeing the images of the people I love and the memories I value the most fanned out before me pulls at something in my heart. Sitting on the floor and holding them between my fingers gives me chills.

These moments – holidays with my family, a giggle captured at the perfect time, the closeness between two loved ones smiling for the camera – can sadly never be re-lived.

But they almost can. Because photographs take me back.

Picking up a photograph doesn’t just create a stirring in my mind and memory. Seeing a family photograph from when I was a child reminds me of the sights, sounds, and feelings that I was experiencing in that exact moment. Each snapshot tells a comforting story about my family, who I was, and where I fit within the larger group. They take me back – mentally, emotionally, and, yes, physically.

That’s what I’m excited to give you – a way to revisit the most important, happy, meaningful moments in your life once they have passed. When I hand a client a photograph, I know what I’m really handing them is a magical way to return to the times in life that define who they are and what is important to them. When I become sad, lost, worried, or stressed, nothing eases my mind, calms my heart, and soothes my soul quite like seeing the now-faded colors depicting the world as I saw it when I was young and carefree.

We can’t teleport back to the past, even though there are so many moments we’d love to revisit, or perhaps live in forever. The closest we can get is capturing those important memories while they’re here – ensuring that we can always find our way back to them when we need them the most.