Fear is a primal feeling – shaky hands, pumping heart, racing thoughts. When you are in charge of your own brand or business, fear can creep up at any time, whether you’re meeting with a potential client, articulating your value, or planning for your brand’s future.

Daeyna Jackson has a great method for overcoming those feelings of fear and anxiety that come along with being an entrepreneur. To her, fear is just excitement that hasn’t been properly re-framed in our minds. She notes that a lot of the feelings we feel while experiencing fear are the same feelings we experience when we’re excited about something. From this simple observation, she was able to recondition herself to view situations that, at one point, may have caused a certain amount of apprehension, into situations that feed her excitement to serve others and embody her brand.

She says that the first step is attaching a positive thought to whatever action or situation is causing you fear. Repeatedly telling yourself that you are excited, prepared, worthy, and qualified transforms those thoughts into a strong, reliable truth that you can fall back on.

After you have that thought cemented in your mind, count down from five or ten slowly in your mind. During this time, focus on transitioning your thoughts and body from fixating on the negative messages in your head to embodying the new positive ones you have created.

Being intentional in the way that you speak to yourself is important not only in our professional lives, but in our personal lives as well! We love this idea of taking a simple thought and transforming it into a process that can give you positivity, confidence, and strength as you head into new situations!

We HIGHLY encourage you to read the full article here! Fear is something that we all have to deal with, but it doesn’t have to get in the way of you, your brand, or your essence!