One of the most recognizable aspects of your brand is the colors that you choose to represent you and your business. We are firm believers in the power that color has to send your customers messages about what you and your business represent. Therefore, we also argue that one of the easiest ways to show up to an event “branded” –  that is, to appear in a way that helps you be instantly recognized as a representative of your business – is to make sure that you are wearing one or more of your brand colors.

Since all of your marketing materials, everything from your website to your business cards to your flyers, contain these colors, they provide an easy way for customers to link the person they are seeing to the products or services that you provide.

While it is important to show up branded to events, it is also important that your online presence is always reflective of your business. Using professional images of yourself and your own personal quotes in your marketing materials attaches a face to your brand. Original content that features you will ensure that the human aspect of your business is not lost.

Every time you are seen, either in a professional setting or online, you are representing and promoting your brand. Providing strong visuals that connect you to your business ensures that, when customers see your logo, hear your voice, or pick up one of your flyers, they immediately have a clear idea about the quality of your products or services.