If you’re in the world of business, chances are you’ve engaged in networking at one point or another. It’s an important activity for all working individuals, but especially for entrepreneurs.

Successful networking gives you a chance to build meaningful connections with other individuals both inside and outside of your industry. It provides a space to find new opportunities and to learn from others who have different experiences, perspectives, or expertise. Clearly, it’s an important enterprise for anyone looking to grow their business or enrich their brand.

While the internet and social media have given us new and exciting ways to meet and connect with others, getting out to a networking event in person is still one of the best ways to discover and foster new relationships with other professionals.

People mingling at a networking event

For some people, this comes easily. They have no problem walking into an event, striking up conversations, and selling themselves and their brand in a way that is genuine and exciting. For others, the same task is far more daunting. Heading into a room full of strangers and figuring out how to engage in exchanges that feel natural and honest can be challenging and intimidating.

Thankfully, no matter which side of the spectrum you fall on, there are certain steps you can take to prepare for a networking event, boost your confidence while you’re there, and walk away with connections that will keep you, your brand, and your business moving forward.

John Rampton, entrepreneur and connector, details 19 ways that you can “kill it” at your next networking event. Click here to check out what he has to say, and we hope that some of these tips will be helpful while networking at First Impressions for the Fempreneur on February 13th and 27th!

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