Ah, spring. The weather is getting warmer, the trees are getting greener and springtime weddings are on their way! Whether you are looking forward to those April showers or May flowers, here are some tips to make sure your spring wedding goes exactly as planned.

 Don’t Let It Rain On Your Parade

We all know how quickly springtime weather can change. Don’t let the chance of rain put a damper on your outdoor wedding. Many venues will be able to cover your ceremony or reception with a pavillion so that, no matter the weather, your special day goes exactly as planned.

A New Twist on Pastels

It is easy to fall into the same pattern of using springtime pastels in your wedding around this time. For a different type of pallet, throw in a few unconventional colors with your typical pastels. If you are using light spring colors, throw in a more robust shade that contrasts with your palette.

Love Your Layers

We all know how during those springtime months the weather changes within a couple hours. Take this into account when planning your wedding attire by including layers that can be put on or peeled off.

Consider Sundays

There are a ton of extended weekends throughout the spring months. Sundays followed by a Monday where your guests won’t be at work are an excellent option for spring weddings.  Typically, venues are less booked on Sundays than Saturdays and more affordable.

Think About the Guys

As ladies, we have little experience with suits and how they wear.  Keep the fellas in mind by choosing suits that are made of light and breathable material.  This will keep them cool as the weather gets warmer.

Get Clear

Despite the joys of fresh blooms and warm weather, those of us with allergies tend to harbor a small resentment towards the spring months.  Make sure you take allergy medicine consistently in the days before your wedding so that the medication is in your system and working by the time your big day rolls around.

Sink-Proof Yourself

Unless you are one of those lucky women who are naturally graceful in heels (the rest of us hate you, by the way), you probably find those stilettos to be a bit of a challenge to walk in. What makes it even more difficult is when your heels sink into the grass, especially if the soil is wet from a recent spring rain. No fear! High heel caps and protectors add a bit of surface areas to your shoes so that you don’t find yourself in a quicksand-esque situation.

Also, if you decide on wedding shoes made with silk or a similar material, it is a good idea to waterproof them so they don’t bleed.

Book Early!

Spring is one of the most popular times for weddings. Make sure that you book your venues and vendors early. Also, plan on renting any clothing or other items you may need sooner rather than later in order to ensure you get everything you want and need.