Your big day is approaching. And considering all you have left to plan, the days are probably starting to go a lot quicker than you had hoped.

With so much to do and so many resources at your disposal, the dollar amounts are also starting to grow. What happened to that budget you had? Can you really do everything necessary on what you had hoped to spend?

Its easy to let things get way out of hand. But what if you would like the word “affordability” to remain in your conscious as you move forward choosing each vendor?

Affordability means different things to different people.

And affordability can also be determined by what is most important to you.

Should you really get caught up in the moment and buy every guest a favor that you aren’t even sure they will like? Should you spend thousands on a cake just because its “different” and “cool”?

For some people, they may be willing to have a smaller cake in order to afford a better photographer. For some people, they will choose a less expensive reception site in order to have an album full of memories.

What it all boils down to is getting what you want at the price you can afford.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you finish your planning and find the right wedding photographer for you.

Different Packages
Photographers offer different packages because they know one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. If you find a photographer you truly love yet can’t afford her top package, consider one of her lower packages. Talk to the photographer you love about choices. In many cases you can find a way to get the images you’ll love forever, yet keep your budget intact.

Compare Work
Unfortunately, many photographers out there today show you the best work they have, which may be a small selection from a variety of weddings. The problem is that truly might not be representative of what you’ll be receiving. Ask to see a recent, complete wedding. Do you like the images throughout the day? Are you just as happy with the images you see in the church as you are with the one’s in the reception venue? Make sure you can see yourself in all the images, and would love that sample to be representative of your own wedding.

Look Outside Your Local Area
Thanks to the Internet, its no longer necessary to hire a photographer in your local area. If your wedding is in Fort Collins or even Aspen, Colorado, hiring a photographer from Littleton is more than doable. You don’t have to meet face to face – look through websites and find a photographer that shoots to match your style. You can communicate by email, phone or even through social sites like Facebook. You can even chat through online features such as Google Hangouts, or try Face Time with your iPad. The important thing is to find a quality photographer that is open for your specific date, and can give you the quality and customer service you desire.