What if there was a way that psychology could help you feel more comfortable when being photographed? Peter Hurley, a professional photographer, and Anna Rowley, a psychologist, think they’ve found a way that the study of the mind can help you boost your self-confidence, embrace your value, and use your image as a way to recognize and appreciate what makes you unique.


Photo from Marbella International University Centre


In their TEDTalk, they explain that the discomfort we feel in front of a camera comes from the gap between how we see ourselves and how the world sees us. In most cases, you are your biggest critic, making much harsher judgements regarding your appearance than the rest of the world does.

In order to overcome this discomfort, Hurley and Rowley suggest allowing yourself to reframe the way you think about photography. After all, most people that fear getting their picture taken actually end up really enjoying the experience of a professional photography session.

Photography can be an experience that can change the way you feel about yourself. Paying attention to and embracing the experiences, decisions, thoughts, and values that are at the center of who you are allows you to keep these things at the forefront of your mind during your session. For a photographer, capturing someone who has a strong understanding of these things is an amazing experience because it allows us to work with who someone truly is. And, in the end, capturing your authentic self is the ultimate goal of photography!


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