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Be Invaluable to Your Boarders. We Make It Easy.

Your Boarders Will Love This!

Boarder Appreciation Day!  We know that you love horses or you wouldn’t be someone who owns a ranch. This is why we want to help you become invaluable to your boarders.  By bringing in a professional photographer to capture the love between an owner and their horse your boarder feels appreciated which leads them to stay with you for a lifetime. I will make that happen by capturing the essence of horses and their owners in a timeless photograph, not to mention the respect, love and adoration that they have between each other.

-Working with us is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

  • We provide fliers to promote your appreciation day.
  • We provide three templates that are pre-created for you to email to your boarders about the day.
  • We do the rest!

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Capture The Love Between Horse and Owner

How This Package Benefits Your Ranch!

Build Strong Relationships

Our goal is to build a strong relationship between you, your clients and Turpenoff Photography studio. We are confident you will appreciate our level of excellence, the artfulness of our photographs and the service offered to you and your clients. We believe a picture is worth a thousand words!

Social Media Support

We give your ranch all the purchased social media sized images to utilize on any social media platform.

Enhance Your Visual Brand

As an added benefit, we will take specific photographs of your ranch, such as a special view of your barn, stable or pastures, that you can use in your digital marketing to enhance and grow your visual brand. 

About Tricia Turpenoff

I have had the joy and honor of being a portrait and wedding photographer for over 25 years. One of my major assets is I have learned how to create a drama-free environment.  I now take that skill of being unflappable into the equestrian arena. Horses pick up on that and they respond by being calm and at ease with their owner. I am able to capture the essence and magic in that moment.

My unique ability to be calm and focused are just a few of many reasons to choose my photography studio. As a professional who has been in service to people, one of my favorite things is to give back. I leverage that when it comes to the love and respect of horses.

The beauty of an owner coming together with their half ton toddler who lives away from home, makes my heart almost pound out of my chest. I work alongside ranches to build customer relations and added value through photography for your boarders. Keeping clients happy and adding value are the fastest ways to success.  Not only as it pertains to business matters but in life as well. 

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