After your session, before we present your images, we do minor touchups to make sure that you are looking your very best. We pride ourselves on keeping retouching to a minimum – after all, we want the real you, not the airbrushed you! For the most part, our clients ask us to do things like whiten teeth, correct blemishes, or fix frayed material or broken nails.

One of the more difficult elements of an image to correct, however, is skin that appears dry, dull, ashy, or under-nourished. Healthy-looking skin is imperative to ensuring that you look glowing and radiant in your images. All of us have different complexions, skin types, and skin textures. Regardless of your skin type, using a quality moisturizer before your session will help your skin look fresh and healthy in your final branding images.

However, finding a moisturizer that is high quality and actually works for your skin is easier said than done. Many of us skip around trying different cosmetic products every time we go to the store, hoping to find one that works perfectly for us. When there are so many options on the shelves and online, it can be difficult to choose.

Then, there’s the issue of truthful reviews. There are countless lists of the best cosmetic products throughout a myriad of magazines and blogs. But, many of the products on those lists are only included because the company or brand advertises through or sponsors the magazine or blogger. And if you go to a cosmetic store to purchase a moisturizer, the salespeople helping you are most likely operating off of commission, which affects which products they are likely to recommend to you.

So where can you turn to find objective, truthful recommendations on what moisturizer will work best for you? Thankfully, there is a team at who has your answer. They reviewed the ingredients from 219 facial moisturizers, consulted over 200 dermatologists, product developers, and chemists, and personally tested the products themselves so that you can truly know which of your options is the best.

Their product guide for the best facial moisturizer provides you with options and also gives reasons as to why specific products were chosen to be listed as the best. We encourage you to check it out before your branding session. Not only will you have glowing skin for your images, but you might just find a new favorite product to add to your collection.