The weather may still be warm, but fans of fall are fully aware of the changing leaves, crisp air, and smell of Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the air.

We are lovers of sweater season. But while we love the beautiful colors, cozy nights, and treats of the season, there’s one other reason why we’re always excited when autumn rolls around: fall is by far one of our favorite seasons for family photography!

The beautiful colors undoubtedly make a unique and beautiful backdrop to any image. However, there are some other benefits beyond aesthetics to taking your family portraits during these months.

Here are five reasons why we consider fall to be one of the best seasons for family photography.


autumn scene

The weather is perfect.

If you have kids, you know that taking them out in the sweltering heat or freezing cold is never fun. Furthermore, as an adult, nothing makes you feel less photogenic than sweating like a dog or shivering during your entire session. For a few months during autumn, the weather is absolutely perfect. Sessions are comfortable and the weather usually cooperates, at least until the snow comes!


You have more outfit options.

That sweater in your closet would be perfect to be photographed in, but there’s no way you’re wearing it to your session when it’s 90 degrees outside. Once autumn rolls around, your wardrobe options expand dramatically. It’s still sunny enough to slip in some warmer options, but not too hot to wear something long sleeved or heavier if you prefer. Furthermore, as the weather gets cooler during fall, you can start to incorporate cozy accessories such as beanies and scarves into your family’s portrait outfits.


The leaves!

There’s no way we could make it through a post about fall in Colorado without mentioning the leaves. At times we make take it for granted, but our state truly is one of the most beautiful places to be as the seasons change. The lighting and colors are sure to add something special to your images. Plus, there’s nothing like a big pile of leaves to keep the kids entertained during a session!


Fall puts a feeling of excitement into the air.

There’s something about the changing of the seasons, the start of school, and the fast-approaching holiday season that puts a general feel of excitement into the air. Trust us, when your entire family is feeling the ‘vibe,’ it’s sure to shine through in your portraits!


You can incorporate Halloween costumes into your images.

We know, you want your family portraits to commemorate the uniqueness and love within your family. But there’s no reason why a few fun pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes can’t be a part of that! This idea is even more fun if the entire family decides to dress up together.


What are your favorite things about autumn in Colorado or fall photography? Let us know in the comments!