A brand is a robust, complex, ever changing set of beliefs and practices that defines you and your business. It can seem daunting to start thinking about and putting together something so complex that will have such a huge impact on your business.

Most entrepreneurs we talk to about personal branding give us one answer as to why they don’t have one: they didn’t know where to start. The first few steps toward developing a personal or business brand can be difficult to discern, and even more difficult to start!

When we meet with passion-driven women to capture their branded images, we start by having a brand consultation where we dive deep into what makes you, your passion, and your business unique.

One of the easiest ways to start thinking about your brand is to consider which values represent the type of business you want to run and they kind of life you’d like to lead.  

We like to begin by browsing through lists of core values that many individuals and organizations hold. Check out the ones below, and see if any catch your eye.

If so, you might have just found an important foundation for your brand.

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