Unless you’re striking poses for a living, you probably, like most people, experience a certain amount of anxiety when it comes to being in front of a camera. While being a bit camera shy is completely normal, the pre-work we do with you can help to banish some of those pre-session jitters. Beyond that, here are four of our favorite tips for feeling comfortable in front of the camera:



1. Talk to your photographer.
Your photographer is a person just like you are, and they know that some friendly conversation can go a long way toward helping their clients relax. Establishing a good vibe between you and your photographer will help both of you get comfortable, thereby ensuring that you shine in your images.


2. Breathe.
For some reason, as soon as the camera is raised and the word “smile” is uttered, people have a tendency to forget to breathe. Your images should capture you as you are naturally. When you find yourself stiffening up and focusing to much on your smile or position, take a moment to find a deep breath. It will relax your body into a more natural position and can bring a fresh flush of color to your cheeks.


3. Ask for help.
Your photographer is there to answer your questions. Confused about a pose? Don’t know whether your arm should be resting on your knee or laying at your side? Need an opinion on how a particular position is working? Just ask! Whoever is behind the camera is there to help you look and feel your very best, and is more than willing to answer any questions that may arise during your session.


4. Bend naturally.
Even though your photographer will most likely position you in a couple of specific poses, you should rarely ever feel like you have to remain perfectly frozen. If something in a pose feels unnatural, take the time to slightly reposition yourself into a more comfortable stance. Specifically, focus on making sure that the bends in your knees and elbows are relaxed to avoid looking stiff and cramped.