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My Blissful Tribe of Stellar Women Owned Businesses

We are proud to do business with the best in business!
Our partners are locally and even nationally recognized for their excellent
products, services, customer service, and business practices.
Its no wonder we align ourselves with these amazing businesses!

Donna Galassi

Blue Zenith Design + Strategy

Donna Galassi, founder of Blue Zenith, has been in the tech industry all of her career with more than 15 years as a Software Engineer before founding Blue Zenith. Donna brings her unique skillset, blending software development, web design, marketing and branding skills to create custom website solutions that not only brand their clients effectively telling their story, but create online web applications customized to each client’s business needs. It’s her mission to provide quality top-notch services to small businesses to help them compete in this highly competitive online world.

As a business owner, wife, and mother, Donna’s philosophy of creating meaningful relationships with the people around her has become foundational to how she operates her business. Even though Blue Zenith’s services have grown, the way she does business has stayed the same: only by understanding how her clients do business with their clients can she focus their message, brand, and online presence to be powerful and true to their business’s vision.

Lisa Mares


“I am a people person and believe it’s essential to ask the right questions for effective video marketing results. Marketing can be challenging when you are literally competing against a world of other businesses. Our processes help us strategically design and deliver signature video marketing. I am committed to my clients and helping them sell, tell, educate, and motivate with powerfully persuasive film. Did I mention I love my job?!”

Lisa Mares, President and Producer & Director of Mares Productions/maresmedia, thinks she has the best job on the planet. She describes herself as a passionate storyteller who has been serving clients video marketing needs for over 25 years. She co-founded Mares Productions with her husband Henry in 1994, and together they have directed and produced a thousand+ creative video projects. She supports education and co-founded the Colorado Professional Videographers Association in 2000, and also offers informational video workshops and presentations. Lisa’s company creates original video and digital content for a variety of uses, including internet, social media and broadcast marketing.

When she isn’t producing marketing videos and digital content, she enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 boys, dogs, volunteering for special causes, traveling, hiking, trying different coffee shops, and visiting family in MI.

Hollie Clere

The Social Media Advisor


A leader in the local community, Hollie Clere is a Social Media Strategist, Consultant and Trainer for the last 10 years. Have you ever struggled with how to share your story online? Do you know how to incorporate strategy into your marketing?

With over 10 years of executive consulting for small businesses in how to build their history into a relatable story, full of expertise and strategy. Her processes are proven across all markets and industries. Hollie appreciates the vulnerability of others, in sharing their passions and being present in what they love. Sharing that passion online develops the power of the relationship, and know like trust with their audience.

Hollie’s Social Media exclusive branding Agency is supported by a talented team of marketers in Colorado. Their foundation is ownership, accountability and education – We believe you cannot own your brand unless you know how it works and you can’t hold yourself accountable unless you own it. We provide robust profile builds, training support, accountability and also provide monthly posting support for select businesses.

From the stage, Hollie has had the joy of speaking to many small and large groups and in 2017, had the honor of speaking at Mile High Stadium. On her free time, she enjoys quality moments with family hiking, camping, crafting, Geocaching and cuddles with her Malti-Poo, Snowball and cats Gary and Katie.