Holding events for your clients is a foolproof way to engage them and get them excited about your brand. Not only do events give you a chance to highlight your products and services (if you so choose), but they also provide a great opportunity to demonstrate your customer service, strengthen the connection you have with existing customers, and start forging relationships with potential new clients.

Q: Why is holding events important for someone who is trying to build a brand?
A: Successful events celebrate you, your clients, and your company. Not only do they put you and your brand directly in the spotlight, but they give you the chance to get your clients involved. Feeling like they are a part of what makes your business special will keep you at the top of their mind next time they are looking for a product or service that you offer.

Q: What is the trick to organizing an event?
A: Quite simply, the trick to organizing an event is actually organizing the event. You need a clear plan for your pre-launch, launch, and post launch. When your event is focused and flowing, your guests are free to relax and enjoy themselves. An organized event is one that they will remember for a long time, aiding in brand recognition and brand loyalty among your customers.

Ample planning, organization, and preparation is key to ensuring that your event goes smoothly and rewards you and your brand in every possible way. After all that planning, you’ll want to be sure that you capture the memories and special moments that take place during your event. When we plan to photograph a branded event, these are the questions that we most often are asked:

Q: Why is it important to have your events photographed?
A: Photographs of your event further enhance the value that the event creates. You can use the images extensively throughout your post launch plan. You can sprinkle them throughout your website, social media, and email marketing for a long time after the event has finished. They are the perfect content to use when you want to demonstrate your brand’s connection to those you serve. Furthermore, having “photographic proof” of your successful event will get people excited about the next one you organize!

Q: When capturing events, what sets you apart as a photographer?
A: We aren’t just focused on capturing your event; we are focused on capturing the energy of your event. That’s the whole purpose of why you are putting it on in the first place – you are trying to build up the energy to get people excited about your brand. We work hard to ensure that we capture not only the way the event unfolds, but the way people are reacting to it. We’re looking for people laughing. We want to see them having fun, and we want your images to reflect that.

Q: What details do you try and capture?
A: In the end, every event comes down to its unique details. We look at and take into account everything surrounding the event – the entrance, the uniqueness of the venue, the food, flowers, gifts, and people. We are aware of how much thought you’ve put into arranging every last detail, and we want to preserve that for you.

Q: How will you know where to be and when?
A: We ask all of our clients to provide us with an outline of the entire event so that we know when the most important moments will be occurring. We will walk through the entire event with you beforehand so that both of us are completely comfortable with the timing of the photography. Furthermore, we always offer advice as to what prior clients have loved so that you can utilize us to the fullest!Polo rider

Q: What is the hardest part of photographing events?
A: Leaving! The events we attend are so amazing that, even after we know we have captured every little detail and special moment, we still have a hard time leaving! Being around fun people is addicting!

Q: What is the best part about photographing events?
A: Every event always has “shenanigans” that occur that you can never expect. It is so satisfying to be able to capture those on camera and present them afterwards!