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Lifestyle & Branding photography for your website, speaker sheet and your social media
October 4th-7th at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa (Carlsbad)
We are so excited to bring you a unique opportunity to put your face in the forefront of your business. We all know the old adage of know like and trust. And these days, it is more relevant than ever! Your clients want to see you, hear from you and they want to know you, so that they can buy from you.
Hello, I'm Tricia Turpenoff, Certified Master Photographer. I am all about empowering women to be brave, courageous and successful …without apologies. I do this through passion focus photography.
When I photograph you, you will instantly feel comfortable, relaxed and beautiful. You will soar through your session. You will feel like a supermodel and you will look your most beautiful, because my superpower is to bring out your true essence.
With these images you will be able to update your website, profile images and start a beautiful social media campaign that you can utilize throughout the entire year.
What are you waiting for… your success is calling you., 303.912.3149

Meet Your Hostess Tricia Turpenoff

My mission in photography is to capture your essence in a fun, comfortable and relaxed manner. I have spent over 25 years listening, loving and branding my clients. The difference you will feel when you work with me is that you will be seen, acknowledged and heard! My passion for photography extends far beyond having you in front of my lens. First, I want to know you and understand your needs. Your history and vision is so important to me!