Photography is highly controversial when it comes to price. With the digital age becoming so popular it seems as though people have forgotten that there is a real art to photography. Think about this… The canvas Divinci bought is the same one bought at teach and paint place like Swirls. ( It is not about the cost of the product but the vision, art and execution created on top of that canvas.
It has been a long struggle since the inception of photography over 177 years ago. Is photography art? In my opinion the answer is yes. Just because we have a box in our hand instead of a brush makes photographers no less of an artist.


Just like a painter, when a client comes to me, I first listen to their ideas, but more than that I am looking beyond their voice, their words, and listening into their soul. I hear past the words and watch their body language, the sparkle in their eye, the excitement in their voice. I have the opportunity to create a beautifully true image of them, their family, their wedding, as I listen past the voice.

As I listen, visions come to me of what clothing will show them off and locations that will make them shine. I love discussing all the ideas that pop into my head with my clients. They always have the final say!
The session is the very best part of my day! It makes me feel more blessed than I know how to express. When I reach a location the ideas just pour out of me like water. I could spend weeks at one location and still never photograph ALL the ideas that pop into my mind.turpdiv

I love watching how my client naturally moves, walks, sways, and swaggers. This is the foundation of my art. Photographing people as they are naturally is what makes a great portrait for me. When they start showing off their images they receive rave reviews from their family and friends because they look like their best self. Not stiff and unnatural.

Through my 23+ years as a professional and 40+ with a camera in my hand I can truly say that my career has been one of the great loves of my life. It has infinite growth opportunities that have kept me fresh, vibrant, and current for my clients. I will never stop learning for the love of my clients and craft! Thank you to all who have supported my art. You are a blessing.

Testimonial from recent client Donna Glassi –
Thank you Tricia! You can’t believe how many compliments I’m getting on the portraits you did for me! Thank you for your attention to detail and for capturing ME!