Some families arrive at their consultation already knowing every detail about how they want their photos to turn out. They know what sorts of individual and group shots they are looking for. They know what sizes they are going to want the images printed in and where in their home the various images will be displayed. In some cases, they have even planned their outfits so that they fit the color schemes of various rooms throughout the house.

This, however, is a rare scenario. Many times, families show up to their consultation knowing that they want to capture the uniqueness of their family and show off that bond within their home, but they don’t know exactly how they want to go about doing it.

Family posing

Turpenoff Photography

Luckily, hiring a professional photographer means that we can help you make many of those hard decisions. We know what types of wardrobe decisions tend to turn out well on camera. We have an eye for the best poses for large group shots, small group shots, and portraits of individual family members. Furthermore, we can help you ensure that you get a good mix of all of these types of images when we put together your final order.

That just leaves one thing for you to figure out: how you want to actually display your images in your family’s home. Investing in professional family portraits provides you with an amazing opportunity to be creative in how you present them.

Small photographs hanging from wire in unique frames

Will you opt for classic, simply framed photographs, or will you indulge in framing that makes more of a statement? Will you fill a wall with one large image, or multiple smaller images? Will your images hang from the wall or rest on a shelf? Will they all be printed on high-quality photo paper, or will some of them be transferred to metal or wood?

Luckily, there are a lot of ideas out there on how you can take your family portraiture and turn it into amazing home decor that makes a designer statement about not only your taste, but about the priority that family plays in your life and home.

Images hanging from wire and clips on a dark wall

We love all of these ideas from Homedit’s article 25 Stylish Ways of Displaying Your Family Photos. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!