I love creating win-win scenarios for my clients. Let me explain. First let’s start with the benefits to YOU!  Having my photography studio out to your ranch we not only photograph the borders with their beautiful horses, but we photography your ranch. Everything your boarders order is given to your ranch in a printable size and a social media size.  You are able to utilize these images on your website, on all your social media platforms and in your printed marketing materials.  Not to mention, at no cost to your horse ranch, we do all the work.  You literally send out a couple emails that we have already prepared and crafted for you!

As a woman who “shoots” from the heart.  I know when you love someone or an animal like that beautiful half ton toddler that lives away from home, you want to capture and retain special moments with them.  We all know people and animals come in and out of our lives far too quickly.  With this in mind, I serve my clients with compassion, love and a little bit of fun!  One of my strengths is to build strong relationships that are steeped in trust, which results in my clients relaxing and feeling safe during our photo sessions.  The take-away is that my clients end up with more than they expected, feel seen and enjoy the experience. That makes for memorable moments and creates true value for you and your boarders.

For more information visit our website at https://turpenoff.com/horse-ranch-photography