Make A Real Splash With Your Brand, Through Passion Focused Photography!

Truly defining YOU and your business is a critical first step.  Without understanding who you are, and who you serve any other plans are truly futile.  You will need to do the hard work first.  Do not try and skip this step!  I promise you, coming from experience, doing the hard work saves you both time and money!  Not to mention, doing the hard work first only happens once.  Then it is a cake walk of clarity!

My heart and soul catches fire when elevating female entrepreneurs by showcasing their brand through photography!  We have so much to give and I am the perfect women to help you show it from the highest mountain!

When you are ready for that showing I pledge to you that I will create a safe space for you to be photographed.  I promise to not only bring out your essence, I will also make you feel beautiful, comfortable and relaxed.  Passion focused photography will substantially change your bottom line!

You are the Expert!

Research shows that passion focused photography will elevate your credibility. Working with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Fill out our brand questionnaire. 2. Schedule your strategy session. 3. Book your branding session!


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Defining Your Brand

What I have found in my twenty-five plus years of experience in the photography business is that, many times entrepreneurs believe they can just show up, get in front of the lens and then take that one head-shot and put it on their website, social media, a marketing flyer, business card ... everywhere. 

This is a missed opportunity.  Quick, fast and yesterday are not useful words to pair with the word Branding.  It requires patience, planning and thoughtfulness.  Without this, you will not show up representing your brand. Honestly, it’s all about your brand. 

Before you can start building your brand experience for your clients, you need to take the fundamental first steps to define the kind of brand you want to be.  Think through who you are, what you love to do and what your core values are. Equally important is deciding what type of culture you want to create in your business.

You need a very well-crafted statement of the type of business you are. What type of clients do you serve? How you will serve them with excellence?  You have to define what you stand for, what sets you apart and the types of products, services and experience that your clients can expect from you.

At first glance, defining your brand may seem easy, yet it takes research, decision making and some soul searching.  For example:  You are a photographer. It's pretty easy to define that brand -- a person who take photographs, right? Yet to build a brand around that business, a photographer needs to determine specifically what kind of photography they focus on and who their ideal clients is before any level of marketing can begin.

If you are ready, I bring your brand to life.  I ensure your passion, style and location represents your brand, and also showcases your essence.  It will encapsulate you like a warm hug. This is an enjoyable process because I walk beside you, offering encouragement and direction by asking powerful questions.

Let’s take a journey together to identify your brand and what you want to achieve.  Together we can create the best ideas to bring your brand to life. We will create your brand so your audience will crave you and KNOW they need to work with you.

Your visual brand plays a crucial role in delivering your Brand Personality.

Get started by filling out or brand questionnaire! Our 3-step process makes working with us easy.


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