We talk a lot about how to successfully brand your business. But, what if you’re still at the stage where you don’t yet have a business to brand? Thankfully, sitting down and brainstorming business ideas is the perfect chance to sit down, get creative, and consider the things that you are passionate about.



There are dozens of ways to go about brainstorming. Set up a whiteboard and go crazy with a mind map. Find an empty wall and fill it with sticky notes. Sit for two minutes and write – with no judgment – every idea that comes into your head while trying to keep your pen moving the entire time. Brainstorming is one of the most exciting parts of starting a business because it is the point when nearly anything is possible!


Some people absolutely love the brainstorming process while, for others, looking at a blank slate can feel rather overwhelming. Regardless of your level of comfort with brainstorming, Score.org provides 4 clear and simple steps to generating ideas:

  1. Learn everything you can about the industry you want to go into and small businesses in general.
  2. Think about businesses and brands you love or use all the time.
  3. Consider what needs you need to be fulfilled in your own life.
  4. From these questions, begin writing down business ideas.

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Branding your business as soon as it is created fosters the link between your business, your brand, and your marketing because you can make sure these elements are aligned from the start. And if the business you start is something you’re passionate about, discovering your brand is as easy as determining your own set of values that you want to infuse into your business.