Why the Holidays are the Prime Time for Family Photos

December 5, 2016 Photography 0 Comments

Eggnog, ornaments, carols – the holidays are the perfect time of year for a lot of things. However, many people overlook…

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‘A Printed Photograph is a Memory Preserved’

November 22, 2016 Photography 0 Comments

‘A Printed Photograph is a Memory Preserved’ As a child, I have vivid memories of my mother sitting at the kitchen…

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17 Best Places for Family Photography in Denver

November 17, 2016 Photography 0 Comments

Denver is one gorgeous place to take family photography!  Putting a family at a location they love in clothing they feel…

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Five tips for a successful lifestyle and branded photo shoot.

September 22, 2016 Photography 0 Comments

   I left my house when it was still dark. I had my change of clothes with me and headed down…

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4 Tips From a 26-Year-Old Who Built a $10 Million Consulting Business

September 15, 2016 Daily, Photography 0 Comments

Unlike many entrepreneurs, Sam Ovens figured out very early on that the nine-to-five wasn’t his destined path in life. He wanted more,…

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Divinci’s Canvas… Is photography really art?

September 8, 2016 Photography 0 Comments

Photography is highly controversial when it comes to price. With the digital age becoming so popular it seems as though people…

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