We’ve all heard of influencers – online personalities that have massive followings, hundreds of posts, and partnerships with sponsors.

We’re here to tell you that there’s more to being an online influencer than having hundreds of fans and getting free products. There are a few lessons from influencers that we can all use – no matter how large our audience currently is!

At its core, being an online influencer is about curating a lifestyle and culture that people are interested in exploring or practicing themselves. In other words, when you use influencer tactics, you aren’t marketing to your audience in order to convince them to buy your products or services.

Instead, you are showcasing the kind of personality, lifestyle, and vibe that people who engage with your business can cultivate and enjoy. And who better to demonstrate this than yourself? When you present the energy and joy that you encapsulate, it reflects directly back onto your brand. This, in turn, builds your credibility – or ethos – as an individual, professional, and resource.

Once you have this credibility, your product pitch becomes more about you than it does the actual item or service you are offering. You’ve already built trust between yourself and your audience by being authentic, open, and honest. When it comes time to actually push for a sale, your clients are already primed to listen to what you have to say.

Here’s our quick tips for positioning yourself as an influencer:

  • Don’t promote in every post! Promotion has its place, but the quickest way to lose a follower is for them to associate you with trying to sell them something every time they see you.
  • Show yourself doing things not related to your business or product. Do you like to hike? Show a pic from your favorite location. Into fitness? Why not share your favorite 10-minute routine? Have a cute pet? This one is an automatic winner.
  • Show yourself participating in your business. Part of the intrigue of an influencer or lifestyle brand is that we get to know the person behind the scenes. Are you at your computer working on something new? Pic please! Are you up until the AM because you’re dedicated to the hustle? Let us see it!
  • Collaborate with other professionals in (and out of) your field. We are social beings leveraging social networks. Collaborating with other professionals on events, videos, or articles not only exposes your audience to new experiences and faces they can connect back to you, but allows you to help a fellow entrepreneur in the process!

Don’t forget – we’re all influencers! Showcase your lifestyle, joy, and essence, and interest will follow. YOU are your brand!