DO Prepare a Thank You Speech


You and your new spouse have thought through every minute of this big day. End it on a high note by having a polished and poised “Thank You” speech to let all your guests know just how much their company has meant to you. This is also a good chance to thank anybody who has been of particular help planning the wedding.

DON’T Get Drunk. Seriously

Source: Jim Thorpe Weddings

Ah, finally. After the long process of planning and getting ready for this day it’s time to party.  The ceremony is over, your new beau is by your side, and your friends and family all seem to be enjoying the reception. Time to relax.

Feel free to enjoy a couple drinks along with your guests, but limit how much you’re drinking. You want to remember all of the memories you are making on your wedding day. Don’t fog up your memory with too much alcohol.

DO Assign a “Saving Grace”

Source: Leo Djwatampu Photography

On your wedding day, you are the star of the show. Everybody is going to want to talk to you. Most people will keep conversation to a few polite minutes before letting you go to enjoy the dancing, the food, the rest of your guests, and the company of your new spouse.

Be prepared, however, for that one friend or relative who will–and who wouldn’t–want to talk to you the entire reception. In order to save yourself from trying to shoot awkward “help me” glances to another guest across the room, ask one of your friends to politely redirect your attention somewhere else should this happen.

DON’T Try That New Facial Product