We know wedding planning can be stressful…extremely stressful.  We also know that it can be made easier with the right tips, tricks and advice.  So we put together a few juicy nuggets of advice from real brides.  Learn even more at our Wedding Success Night on April 16th!  Sponsored by CHANEL

Here are real life tips for surviving and even enjoying the planning process.

Make sure you obtain the final pricing from the venue at least two to three weeks prior to the wedding so that you have no surprises!!We received the final number two days before and it was $5,000 over!  It was a lot of stress to deal with only two days before we had 250 people to feed and entertain!

– Sarah

Make your guest list BEFORE you choose your venue!  We chose our venue first and are now struggling to accommodate our guest list.


There is one last piece of advice, I put in huge letters on my to do list.

Remember what the wedding is REALLY about! Seeing that helped me to accept that not everything is going to go perfectly, but I am still marrying the man that I love!