We update our lives all the time. Phones, software, resumes, homes, offices – there are a lot of things we enjoy keeping current.

The same can be said for your family portraits! Family portraiture is unique in that it provides a tangible and visual history of your family and the bonds and love that you share with one another. And while pictures of family only seem to grow more valuable with time, there is something special and exciting about updating your family portraits! Maybe you want a new or contemporary look to your images. Maybe your family has grown and you now have new members to include!

Below are seven of the most common reasons why family portraits need to be updated. No matter your reason, when the time comes, we’re here to ensure that we capture what truly makes your family unique and special.

The babies in your pictures aren’t babies anymore.

Babies, toddlers, and small children grow faster than most of us can keep up with! While it doesn’t always make sense to redo your portraits every time the little ones hit a growth spurt, updating them once young children have grown up a bit keeps your images current and true to your family.

New babies have joined the family.

Family portraits are unique in that they often represent some of the rare and special moments when we have our entire family all together. That being said, any time a new member is added to the family, it’s important to make sure that they’re included in family memories and records. Family portraits with newborns are often extra special because they capture a baby’s first few loving years within their family.

Someone has gotten married.

Babies aren’t the only way that new members join a family! If someone in your portraits has gotten married, you may want to update your images to reflect your growing family! Beyond capturing your family more accurately, updating portraits to include new members can really solidify and reinforce the fact that they’re truly a valued part of the family.

Your portrait style is outdated.

Just like most things, photography experiences changes in trends and style. From posing to lighting to composition, the way images are arranged and captured by photographers changes over the years. All portraits are a record of your family’s love and closeness at the time. But, if you’re displaying old images with stiff positioning and dull lighting, it may be time to update to a fresher, more contemporary style of portraiture.

The outfits in your portraits are outdated.

Many styles of the past hold a warm place in our hearts. But, if the outfits in your images are now dated and out of style, taking new ones with updated clothing can be a fun and exciting way to refresh your family portraits.

You’re remodeling.

Whether you’re remodeling your entire house or just a room or two, adding a new and updated family portrait to the wall is the perfect final touch. And, if you know what the room is going to look like, your portraits can be crafted to perfectly compliment the decor, style, and color scheme of your updated space.

You’re saying goodbye.

Whether it is for the military, a mission, or college, saying goodbye to a family member for a while presents the perfect opportunity to update your portraits before they leave. Not only will the portraits be a warm reminder of your loved ones while they are away, but upon their return, it’s always exciting to see the ways in which they’ve grown or changed.