57 FLEMINGK1400000Think a senior portrait means standing outside and having a friend snap an image with her iPhone?

You’ve seen those senior portraits in the yearbook. They’re dark. They’re out of focus. And frankly you probably can’t believe anyone would want that as a representation of all their years in school. Is that really what you want to look back on for your 10 year, 20 year, or 30 year high school reunions and see?

Nope. Not you.

Senior portraits are so much more than a snap shot. They are a true testimonial to the transition you are about to take in your life. You want it meaningful. And you want to look good!

Here’s the secrets to finding the right photographer and having the best senior portrait ever.

Secret #1 Choose the right location57 BukesC -7

Think you have to show up to a studio and use a boring backdrop? Think again. Today’s professional photographers know that location is just about the most important part of a portrait experience. What says “you”? Are you a girlie-girl that loves being surrounded by flowers and lace? Denver has beautiful parks that can surround you with color. Want more of an industrial look? Downtown has some amazing buildings, textures and ambiance. And of course with the Rockies in our backyard, the places and looks offer you endless possibilities.

Secret #2 Wear the right clothes

What clothing are you comfortable in? Now is not the time to dress up in a suit or tux (unless you’re comfortable in that). Instead, plan on bringing along a few outfits that you are comfortable in. Think plain colors without a lot of patterns – you know how your Mom and Dad look in those wild plaid shirts from their own school photographs. Simple is better. Lets focus in on your face, your surroundings, and not the wild shirt or pants you chose to wear.

Have a letter jacket from school? Perfect for a portrait. Play an instrument in the school band, play on the tennis team for the last four years, or have a pet you adore? Those are the perfect addition to your final portrait.

57 Fleming -1Secret #3 Be relaxed and comfortable

Big surprise – most people aren’t comfortable in front of the camera. Part of it is because its not a normal place for us to be. Maybe you think your smile isn’t natural. Or you hate the way your eyes squint when you smile. We all have something we don’t like about our photographs. Yet there is a way to change it. Head to a mirror and practice a few looks. Better yet, have someone photograph you from a variety of angles, with a variety of smiles. What do you like the best? Once you see the look, practice it. And be prepared to show that look again and again throughout your portrait session.

Secret #4 Focus on style and design57 Erickson -7

Your senior portrait is all about you. And your final portrait hanging on Mom and Dad’s wall should showcase the real you. Maybe one portrait catches your eye and an enlargement is perfect for the chosen space. Or maybe you can’t decide – you like them all – and you would rather have a collage showing off many looks and styles. Remember, senior portraits are all about finding various shades of you. You can show off your happy side and your serious side. You can display the images in a variety of ways – from Facebook to a 20×24 on the wall. Its your time to shine.

Secret #5 Finding a photographer who is excited about seniors

Some photographers are perfect senior photographers … and some aren’t. A senior photographer should get excited about creating the best images you’ve ever had. They should want to find the perfect location, and agree to help you choose the perfect style. If they try to sell you on a boring background in their studio – and the quickest process ever – they aren’t for you. This is your time to have fun and create memories that you will enjoy throughout the rest of your life.

Secret #6 A guarantee to ease your mind

A great photographer will offer you a guarantee. They will want you to be happy and THRILLED with your final images. Anything less than that and they should be willing to make things right.

57 smGerkenA -12Secret #7 Take the time to do it right

Most photographers simply don’t spend enough time with their high school seniors to create something great. They run it like a factory, getting you in and out as fast as possible. This can’t get you the look you want. This can’t get you something that says “you”. If you’re ready for a lot more customer service and a lot more time dedicated to creating something you’ll love, make sure you dedicate the time to do it right the first time.

Like what you’ve read here? Now is the time to start your journey for the perfect senior portrait. Give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll tell you exactly how you can start the journey of creating your own senior experience, and make this portrait the best portrait you’ve ever had. 303.224.9050 or tricia@turpenoff.com