When a user searches for something on the internet, the search engine they are using, be it Google, Yahoo, Bing, or something else, uses a series of algorithms to find and display the information and websites that it deems most relevant to the search. SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization,” is a series of tools and methods you can use to make sure that your website and content appears closer to the top of the search results. Studies have found that nearly 91% of internet users do not continue onto the second page of search results when running a search, making it imperative that your content is housed on the first.

There are many tools that can help you monitor and improve your SEO. In his article “7 Ways to Utilize SEO Services,” journalist Erick Clifford outlines “a list of methods that you can follow in order to utilize the SEO services and get the best results in the long run.” He suggests that website owners and content designers focus on using effective keywords, crafting original content, investing in the load speed of the site, and optimizing site navigation.


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