It seems like high school seniors either love having their senior pictures taken or they feel it is just something they have to get done. I was expecting the process of taking pictures, ordering images, and getting them to the school to be just another task that I needed to complete before the school year started. Turpenoff Photography, however, turned getting my senior pictures taken into one of the highlights of the summer before my senior year.

1. The Pre-Session Consultation
Before Tricia ever steps behind the camera, she schedules a day to sit down with you and talk. She asks you about your interests, your passions, and your hobbies. I found myself sitting on a couch having a casual conversation about school, my plans for college, and what I liked to do during my free time. By the end of our chat, Tricia knew enough about me that she had plenty of ideas about the best way to make my portraits completely unique. She helped generate ideas about where we could go, what I could bring, and how I might prepare.57 Bourgoin -9

During the consultation, she also gave me some tips on how I could make our session go smoothly. She explained that extra touch-ups can add up quickly, and recommended that I consider small things such as manicured nails and ironed clothes in advance.



2. Pick Your Own Location
Tricia asked me a question that she asks all of her clients: “What is your favorite thing about Colorado?” While our state has an abundance of outdoor beauty that never fails to amaze as a background to a portrait, I told Tricia that I also loved the hidden places that can be found within our city and suburban downtown areas. Thus, when the day of my session arrived, I found myself in the Art District on Santa Fe.

Tricia doesn’t have a prescribed area that she takes clients to because it is accessible or easy. One of the reasons the images turn out to be so individualized is because she finds locations that you will feel a connection to.810 57 32bf ac sm Larson -13






3. Bring Props
Tricia’s mission statement is to use photography to capture what makes you feel unique, fearless, and important. She encourages you to bring anything you want to your session – friends, family, your favorite baseball bat, a guitar. Some people even bring their cars or their pets. If there’s something that’s important to you, Tricia gives you the ability to have it included in your pictures.

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4. Friendly & Relaxed
After my session, I asked some of my friends how they liked having their senior pictures taken. They said it was fine, but a little awkward as the photographer mostly just posed them, stood behind the camera, and counted down to the shot. A session with Tricia is completely different. Her bright and friendly nature is contagious. Smiling for the camera is easier when the person behind the lens inspires joy and makes you feel comfortable. Tricia captures your images in a completely natural way. The entire experience is enjoyable – it flows, and nothing feels forced or awkward.




5. Unique Poses
At my high school, there were a couple huge photography businesses that the majority of people used to get their pictures taken. The problem was, everybody was taken to the same set and arranged in the same poses, so many of their pictures ended up turning out to be very similar. Everybody was peeking out from behind the same pillar or leaning up against the same red truck.

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When I was with Tricia, we wandered the Art District looking for places that would make for interesting shots. If I liked the look of a certain building or alley, she’d follow me, camera in hand and inspiration at the ready. She’d give me tips on how to position myself for the shot, but never arranged me in a way that made me appear posed.



6. Beautiful Images
When I saw the final images, I realized that Tricia Turpenoff is absolutely both a professional and an artist. From knowing

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exactly how to work with natural lighting to noticing small details in the composition of the image, Tricia had all of the knowledge and ability to provide images that exceeded my expectations.

One small detail about Tricia’s work that deserves to be mentioned is the care she takes in retouching the images. While some photographers retouch to the point where you look airbrushed and unnatural, Tricia manages to subtly enhance the images so all that is noticeable is you and your natural allure.

The experience I had with Turpenoff Photography was unique and worthwhile. Not only was the entire process enjoyable, but in the end, I received images that turned out better than I could have hoped. Tricia’s work makes you feel magnetic and excited about the service and product you are receiving. And as far as senior pictures go, there’s nobody better equipped to make you stand out.