“I’m just not photogenic enough.” This fear is one of the top reasons why entrepreneurs avoid polishing up their personal brand or using their image in their professional marketing and branding. Being “photogenic” isn’t a quality that some of us are born with and others are lacking. Rather, looking your best in photos is a result of understanding the relationship between your body, the lighting, the camera angle, and the environment you are shooting in.

Professional models – the ones that are paid to look perfect on film – are well aware of all of this. They understand the best ways to position their bodies, the perfect angle to tilt their face, etc. However, for those of us that aren’t in front of the camera for a living, there are still plenty of easy ways to ensure that you’re looking and feeling your most confident.

Keep these tips in mind and walk into your session like a pro!


1. Push out your neck and tilt your chin out. This has the effect of slimming and elongating the neck, accentuating the face, and eliminating the appearance of a double-chin.


2. Try putting your tongue behind your teeth when smiling to avoid a forced-looking grin. This is a tip that is widely used by models and celebrities alike.


3. Blot your face with a thin tissue right before having your picture taken to avoid oily shine. A gentle blotting with a tissue will absorb excess oil without removing makeup.


4. Looking directly at the camera makes your face appear flat. Angling your face relative the camera is often much more flattering.


5. If your arms feel awkward or unsettled while posing, try grabbing onto a prop – a chair, a wall, a column, etc. to help you feel more comfortable.